• 6 Dec 2021

  • 6 Dec 2021

Types and Designing Process of Labels for Product Package

What are the Labels?

The label can be defined as the piece that gives information regarding the object it is associated with. It can also be referred to as the crucial element for both the packaging as well as the product.

These are designed in an appealing manner that provides information which marks in importance in knowing about the product as well as the package. Its appealing design helps to traipse the attention of the customers to specific items. These should be always designed clear, visible, readable, and easy to understand.


Use of Tools

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When we think to design something, before designing we firstly look for the appropriate tools needed for the designing. The design of labels also consists of some good options of tools to deliver great results.

Adobe Suite software is included with the most used designing programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw and InDesign, which allow the creation and editing of complex graphic design products, like product labels.

Microsoft Word software is associated with easy-to-use label formatting templates, so designers can configure and print many labels on one single page. Canava is online software that has a wide range of free templates that can be edited and used to create the perfect label.


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While designing the label, the designer has to include all the relevant information, without adding any extra or wrong content on it.

As because it is believed to be the most important element in decision-making, that enhances efficiency and provides a competitive edge.

The front cover needs to include the information of the product inside, such as how to use it, ingredients, MRP, and expiry date as well.

This brings authenticity to the minds of people about the inner content. It also helps in making an image of the product which ultimately helps the product to differentiate it from the others in the market.

It enables the product to get the brand identity with uniqueness. Without too much text, the label should be made clear with proper content of information, to attract the attention of the customers.


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The size, shape, and type of packaging product determine the label design of the products.

For example, a small spice jar needs a much smaller label that should not contain too much information.

A jar of Jam or a pouch of ketchup contains a very different label than the package of chocolates or cookies.

Hence, while designing the label for the product package, it is very crucial to keep the product package at the top.

The label and the content written have to go with the size of the container.

Brand Logo

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When designing the label, it is crucial to make and add the logo or branding. A memorable logo is a combination of text and imagery part that tells people the name and nature of our business and creates a visual symbol in the minds of the customers that represents the vision.

This helps businesses, industry or brands to build up their identity. When a logo becomes memorable then it differentiates you from everyone else and fosters the loyalty and profession of the business.

Any product label needs to accomplish two main tasks, firstly it must convey the customers about the inner content of the packaging, and it must advertise the company as well. By incorporating the logo design, the label reflects the identity of the brand.


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If the made object is too short and requires very short label, then it should contain the relevant information in a clear format, otherwise it would have to go through loss.

The appealing label has to be clear and concise to reach to maximum audience. The company name, product name, MRP Rupees. must be seen clearly for everyone. It is considered a key to attract the maximum number of people.

For this, there should be a proper use of smart combination of fonts, as the fonts adds dimensions to the overal design, which help to grab the attention of the users, and help them to pick the product.

It also helps out the brand to showcase its personality concisely and effectively to its audience.


1. Brand

When the package of the product uses the information of the brand, then it is referred to as the Brand label. It is usually a small piece that gives information about the company. These are most commonly found in clothing and soaps labels, as well as for many other products as well.

2. Grade

The products which are given the grade, are called Grade Labels. This type shows the quality and grade with the help of words, letters, as well as figures. These could be mentioned with numerical grades, like the one used for the packed Wheat.

3. Descriptive

Descriptive labels are the ones that provide information about the features handling as well as security, and many more. As the name suggests these provide proper description to build up trust of the people with the product.

4. Informative

The labels that provide information about the product, are known as the Informative labels. It mentions it is regarding the name of the producer, manufactured date, expiry date, security of the product, additional instructions regarding the use of the product, and many more. It provides relevant and in-depth information about the product.


These are many times referred to as Shrink Sleeve labels. These are made of polymer plastic film and mark the high impact graphics, which usually covers the whole container, and is shrunk after getting heated until it tightens around the whole product package container.

This marks its usage with the heat-shrinking method. It helps to stand out from the crowd. It shows the appealing design given to attract maximum customers.

The durability of polymer makes it a perfect fit for use. For example, bottled beverages. It creates the vibes in a way that traipses the attention of any individual most fully. This attention helps to escalate the business optimistically.


These are some of the most commonly used labels in the market, which are made from face stock.

It marks its presence on the jars and bottles, etc. These are made appealing and attractive with the help of lamination, dual coatings as well as specialty inks.


Its feature of being literary molded in the packaging makes it unique from other labels. These are firstly used as paper labels, much like the standard ones. After getting printed, these are processed with blow molding, and the label gets injected into the packaging material.

These are protected by plastic packaging materials. This provides it with a creative look. It seems like an integral part of the container it is applied on. It also marks its importance in being quite durable than the others. For example, laundry detergent bottles.


These are the distinctive labels that are placed on the containers and revealed after getting dried. It can be peeled from the surface of the products.

These are made with face stock that allows the company to print sharp and colorful graphics on the surface of the containers. For example, the instant coupons. This marks its presence on the packaging of food products as a promotional bonus.

It can be in the form of a coupon or to reveal a code for a contest. It can be peeled anytime, and reveal another label beneath. This makes it helpful for companies to provide some other information to keep the attention of customers even when the initial label has been removed.


As the name signifies, these marks its importance in resealing the labels of the containers that have been once opened. It ranks at the top of the initial product packaging but can be used to reseal the container. Using these types is considerably more important as it is associated with multiple uses. For example, the food products, such as snacks.


The printing process of these types changes as it does not use ink, and tonner. It also changes its color after getting heated. These marks its features as it uses a ribbon coated with wax to transfer images and words to the materials, which creates a long-lasting impact.

11.Digitally Printed

When the customers look for high-quality short-run labels for marketing the products, then Digitally Printed Labels become the right choice. This shows their presence in delivering high-quality printing. It also marks its importance in being more flexible than the older methods. These also provide the customers to get high-quality and cost-effective printing. It benefits them with variable data, 2D barcodes, as well as perfect registration.

Digital printing is the right choice for customers looking for high-quality short-run labels to enhance their products. These are affordable and offer detailed printing with clean gradients, as well as custom color matching with precise images.

What are food labels?

This marks its importance in carrying useful information about the food that we like to eat. It gets displayed in different ways depending on the type of food.

These usually carry information regarding what the food is, details of nutrition and manufacturer, ingredients, date of marking and expiry date, weights and measures, country of origin, direction for use and storage, allergens and additives, as well as nutrition and health claims.

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