• 16 Nov 2021

  • 16 Nov 2021

Market Research: Types and Importance

Marketing Research is the process that allows the systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation, along with getting opinions and feedback from the consumers about their interest and satisfaction in the particular product or service.

The basic aim of conducting market research is to find out the change in the interest of the consumer regarding the price, promotion, or quality of the product. It also determines the features of the new product and the service associated with it, which helps the people to get an opinion regarding the same. This also helps in understanding the needs and taste of the people in advancement, before the launch of the new product, which leads to the betterment and adding new features to the product. This leads to raising the interest of the people within the services.



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Any industry needs before moving on to the researching process in the market has to find out the problem for which reason the research is to be conducted. The problem needs to be defined by the customers in a frank way so that the particular industry gets a fair idea about it. If the people fail to deliver the proper feedback, then it becomes impossible for the research industry to know the thoughts of the people regarding the interest in the product. If the information becomes too narrow, then it may result in a waste of resources, and a conclusion cannot be drawn. To solve the issues, the company must be aware of the concern of the customers. Surveys straightforwardly represent the target market. Let us find its two types in detail.

In-Person Surveys

These are the one-on-one interviews, that are probably conducted at public places such as shopping malls. Its process includes showing the people the samples of products, packaging, or advertising video and getting their feedback in an immediate. In-person surveys generate a fabulous response rate, but these are very costly.

Telephone surveys

Telephonic surveys are less expensive as compared to in-person surveys but are costlier than mail surveys. However, it faces a lot of challenges in convincing people to participate in telephonic surveys. These deals generally consist the response rates of 50% to 60%.

Focus Groups

Market, research, focus, groups

In focus groups, a moderator uses a scripted series of questions or topics to lead a discussion among a group of people. These sessions take place at neutral locations, usually at facilities with videotaping equipment and an observation room with one-way mirrors. A focus group usually lasts one to two hours, and it takes at least three groups to get balanced results. These are considered the most effective and popular methods in this field. It shows its attributes in collecting qualitative data and in-depth insights.

It specifically involves six to ten respondents who are brought together along with a trained moderator, who takes part in a planned discussion.

It helps the researchers to collect information on anything about the products, services, and their perceptions, which helps to get a clear idea about the process.

Additionally, it allows the moderators to go with the flow of the group of people with an open-ended mind, which benefits.

Moderators play a crucial role in taking the reviews and concluding the positive results. They walk with a calm mind go into deeper questionnaire rounds, but also keep the people excited.

They try their best of its efforts to know the hidden issues. They encourage the shy respondents to get engaged with the interview.

Personal Interviews

Market, research, personal interview

The personal interview deals with open-ended, frank questions. It generally takes about an hour or more than that. This helps in providing more relevant data about the interest of the people. It has its roots in collecting subjective data which is reliable.

It plays a key role in uncovering the issues related to the new products or service development. As this method helps in bringing higher response rates, so it brings flexibility to the interview study. This helps the interviewers to get engaged with their interpersonal skills and provide better results.

Flexibility is the major advantage of the interview study. Interviewers can probe for more specific answers and can repeat and clarify a question when the response indicates that the respondents misunderstood the question.

It also provides illiterate people a platform to express their views regarding the particular product they use. It helps in boosting up the energy and enthusiasm of the respondents.


Respondents are the number of people who answer in a survey. They are allowed to speak and reveal their perspectives. The answers provided by the respondents help the researchers to add value to the products to bring betterment to their style.


Transcription acts like the middle pillar in Market Research. It becomes tedious for the researcher to listen to the whole audio recordings conducted by the moderator, so here comes the role of a Transcriptionist. Transcriptionists require to listen to a high volume of recordings and need to transcript it to the text document with precision. This helps the researchers to know the interest of the people and bring more features to the product.


The researchers play a vital role in collecting the data about the concern and interests of the consumers regarding the products they use. They collect the data either from the primary source which is referred to as the first-hand data that does not include books or research reports; or the secondary source which is referred to as second-hand data which consists the books, journals, reports, etc; or sometimes from both.


Market, research, observation

Industry gets a more accurate picture of the perspectives of the customers when it observes the activities at the store, at work, or at home, or how they use the product.

It helps to grab the attention of the customers in a positive manner, which helps to advertise the products that generate sales in the market. It helps to make the people get fixed on its purchase decision.

An industry always ensures to provide its customers happy with high quality to keep on increasing in the market. Good information is believed to improve decision-making, enhance efficiency, and provide a competitive edge.

The product or advertisement that states the services must contain the right and trustworthy content which may bring expertise to the market.

Once the industry establishes trust in the market, then it brings prosperity and development.

It helps the consumers to get their queries resolved just with observation and takes proper steps to deliver the quality on time.

This aligns the brand with loyalty and boosts up confidence, this ultimately helps in gaining recognition in the market.


Building Fame

Most of the activities are moved towards escalating the brand identity and reputation. The business grows positively when it gets its identity like a brand in the market. It is the business term that is perceived in several ways by several experts. Marketing is the process of engaging its target customers through researching, promoting, publishing, and distributing the products and services.

Builds Relationship

The market research process helps to build a strong relationship between the buyers and the sellers. It builds up the trust within the market that traipse the attention of the maximum number of people. The business builds its roots in understanding the interest of the customers that establishes a bond between them. The strong build of trust between the business and its customers makes the deals more convenient and helpful.


As there is a rise in competition in the market, so it becomes mandatory to become exceptional in the eyes of its customers. The market research process deals with providing the best products and services to satisfy the needs of the customers. It helps the customers to know the real value and process behind the making of the product. They understand what kind of efforts are being taken by the industry before bringing the products to the market. It helps in creating awareness about the product. It becomes necessary to become steady in the market.

Marketing Helps to Boosts Sales

Market, research, boosts, sales

The main aim of any industry is to generate its sales to acquire prosperity hundredfold. So it becomes necessary for the industry to promote its products directly to the target customers. It helps to increase the brand value and reputation of the product. It utilizes different ways to promote the products in the market.

This brings authenticity to the minds of people about the inner content. It speaks about the reliability of the content, like whether to purchase it or not. It also helps in making an image of the product which ultimately helps the product to differentiate it from the others in the market.

People always try to know about the quality and price of the product before purchase. Product is the key tool in the process of marketing; as it has to decide in what way it would be befitting and satisfying the needs of the consumers.

Price plays a vital role in the field of marketing. Most of the consumers check out the price before purchasing any product. So the price of any product should always be affordable for the consumers.

Promotion refers to all the communication that is done to highlight the quality and benefits of the products and services within the market to increase sales.

Creates Positive Image

A market always has to face drawbacks at times of misfortunes. When there comes such kind of situation, then there arises the need for positivity to maintain the image of the business.

It helps in bringing new potential customers increases the leadership quality of the industry. This positivity helps in creating a positive image of the brand, product, or services to help escalate its position in the market. It conveys to the consumers and competitors about the dynamic strategy of the business.