• 21 Oct 2021

  • 21 Oct 2021

Business Cards; Types and Importance.

Hey! Have you ever heard about the business card here before? No? Yep! You might have heard about the term business and card separately, right? But do you know when both the terms get linked together then they bring some different meaning? Let us uniquely study both terms.

We witness numerous changes with the development of science and technology. The minds of innovative people keep on exploring exceptional things to replace the older versions. The best example is the replacement of landlines by smartphones, post mail has been replaced with email and Gmail. Even the people of this era send the wedding invitation over Whatsapp as well. The Zoom meeting has brought the digital lectures by dropping the offline ones. With this great revolution, who would like to hold the old-fashioned papers? The luxurious people would not opt for the old ones. Digitalization has made business cards stand out from the crowd. Here comes the intensity of the people, who always want to stand out from the crowd showing their uniqueness to the world. Such kind of people, who always wants to maintain themselves in the stage of exceptionality, always look for the things that highlight their professionalism, knowledge, and authenticity in a unique way. So in this blog, let us highlight the business card, its types, and some benefits.

What is Business Card?

The Business Cards contain information regarding the business, about a company or individual. These are shared officially, during a formal introduction, to show the reputation associated with the individual or the business nature. It includes the name of the cardholder, company, or business-related information and contact information such as street addresses, contact numbers, fax, email address, and website.
Let us look at its types in a concise and precise way.

Types of Business Cards

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It always needs to represent the brand, and provide contact information, though it is a startup or a company with many branches situated across different continents. Its exceptional features have made it a most effective, efficient, informative, and appealing toolkit. It highlights the identity of the company on a small piece of paper, and it is the thing to hand out or attach in the mail sent to the potential customers.

It is mostly known as a simple, concise, and attractive concept. Most of the cards show the shiny, thick and sturdy characteristics because it uses the Art Carton paper. This type of card is suitable as a choice for the working person who has just started building their career. In addition, we can protect these while enhancing their appearance with matte or glossy lamination.

It includes its details in all standardized manner. Like the size of a might vary, but 3.5 x 2 inches is the widely accepted size across the countries. It prefers the rectangular shape and is used the most because this feature makes it easy to sit and stay in the cardholder.
It preferably highlights the White or Cream color on one side and the key color of the company on the other side, with a non-coated, no embossing printing paper. It proves to be the most efficient for the meetings. So whenever a person fails to come up with designs, then it opts up with the standard one, as it is a safe option for almost everyone.


This type shows a premium look for the brand, and industry, to engage the potential customers within the company. The budget level can be adjusted considering different designs, colors concepts, styles, etc.

According to the premium nature, it consists of the size of 3.5 x 2 inches, which does not always go. Die-cut helps it to stand out from the crowd, attracting the recipients. Its size is a square or round shape that reflects the unique nature, which better suits the scenario. It is printed on matte or high glass and stands with the colors that are the best fit for the brands.

When a person looks for a premium one, then the paper quality is the first thing that matters, as it assigns a brilliant look. A high-quality paper gives a card that is a clean and modern look, helping it to stand out from the crowd. A high-quality paper gives a captivating look. So whoever looks for a specialized, fancy, exceptional, and eye-catching look; then they should go with this option, which has smooth characteristics, and long-lasting impressions on the viewers.


The people who believe in simplicity, who shows their interest in getting a professional and bright look rather than the innovation, and appealing style; such people should go with the Matte.

Its size should prefer 3.5 x 2 inches to give it a good look. Its shape is not a decisive factor to highlight its professionalism. The shape should be preferable with the brand perspectives. The card speaks itself when it is engaged with the high qualitative features, that show the best services associated within the industry.


This is the perfect option for people who are in fashion, design, beauty care, hospitality, cosmetics; or those who use images in their cards. As long as we want to stand out from the competitors, such kind is worth to be considered.

It gives the brand a beautiful, mesmerizing, and luxurious look. This can be achieved because it makes the images or other details looks more reliable. It intensifies the colors and design truly appreciable and tends to bring out the most important elements of the card.
Another plus point is its durability, which enables a person to switch the interest towards this type, as it lasts for a long period.


This type tends to deliver a high quality of professionalism in a steady way, which creates an extraordinary look for the viewers. This highlights the noteworthy nature of the card that gives a different feel to the cardholder. It is interestingly featured to assign exciting values to the brand, work, and profession.


For those who want to go with such a luxurious and exclusive impression, then they can make this type of card. You can further thicken the paper with double-wall finishing so that the business card will feel special. Regardless of what type of choice is needed with respect to the profession, make the dream card with a distinctive impression and reflect the image of the occupation. The printer itself provides hundreds of free design templates for those who still do not have an idea. In addition, printing cards on Printers is very practical and easy. All done online without the need to come to the printing place directly.

Benefits Of Having A Personal Business Card

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Personal branding has proved to build a strong online presence on the digital platform. Business cards can be aligned with the broader reign of personal branding. Personal ones are not bound up to online platforms, and they play their role on offline platforms as well. It mainly focuses on the positive side, like how the customers recognize it.

Good Interactions

If a person is working in a networking event and getting fed-up from the conversation does not consistently; then the person starts thinking of getting some innovations to boost up the enthusiasm in an appealing way. Then in such situations, the person could opt for these ones, and convey that they would like to stay in touch, which highlights the good and clear note.

Build Professionalism

If we are an experienced person, and when we go for a deal with full preparations, wearing a formal dress to show impression; then along with these things, a person also needs to focus on some little things that build a long-lasting impression in the mind of the interviewer. Business card plays a vital role in building up the first impression leaving a long-termed impression.

These put on full effort when it comes to branding. It focuses on how the brand will be benefiting the customers to the fullest. It significantly highlights the strength associated with the brand that escalates the trust and makes it authentic in the minds of the people. Informs the people about the brand name, ultimately taking the brand to the peak of success.

Displays Prominence

The business card represents the brand. It not only conveys the personal information but conveys the professional information that technically displays the values. It uncovers itself with the submission of personal information, which includes email, website, address, and phone number, which leads to the manifestation of the overall image of the industry. All these features display prominence associated with the presentation of the card.

Excellency in Image

Image is considered as the tool that defines the features of a brand; and the business card helps to build up the appearance, profession, and image of the brand exceptionally and uniquely. It conveys the quality work provided by the nature of the industry. There exist numerous applications for smartphones to transfer personal information; but the best, unique, quickest, and convenient way to exchange data remains with such kind. In the fast-paced workplace, time matters, and nothing beats the quick handing over of a business card for speed. It provides excellence in the image smartly and attractively.